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Carbon Fiber Wallet | SMRTwallet


This smart carbon fiber wallet is equipped with a functional lever that rapidly exposes all cards when ready for payment, with a touch of your thumb. In addition, this carbon fiber wallet is equipped with a traditional stainless steel money clip that is ideal for carrying cash or business cards.

Forged With Military-Grade Carbon Fiber

Engineered with the highest quality military-grade carbon fiber available today. This strong, lightweight carbon fiber will keep your cards and money tightly secured, even if you shake or drop the wallet.

Carbon Fiber Wallet
Carbon Fiber Wallet

Slim, way slimmer

It’s time to get rid of your bulky wallet and upgrade to this slim wallet. This unique carbon fiber wallet is created with a focus on design and functionality – a wallet that’s minimalist without being limiting — so that you can carry more and without having a bulky wallet.

RFID Blocking

Radio Frequency Identification is becoming an increasingly common feature on credit cards that allows the user to wirelessly "swipe" their card. However, the technology is inherently vulnerable as it lends itself to wireless identity theft. Thieves use a portable, concealed scanner to wirelessly obtain credit card information from RFID-enabled cards in your wallet, a process known as "skimming". The SMRTwallet's aluminum and stainless steel plates block RFID when fully inserted, keeping your information safe. A quick push of your finger exposes the cards, allowing you to utilize the convenience of RFID enabled cards without risk.


Quick Card Access

Streamline your checkout experience & save countless amounts of time by finding the card you're looking for in less than a second. Truly a "no brainer" for the person that wants to save time.

Lifetime Warranty

The sleek carbon fiber design and top high-grade materials used in production allow us to guarantee every wallet for life. In fact, we’re so confident in our quality that in the rare chance it doesn’t function properly, just let us know and we’ll send a replacement right away – no questions asked.

carbon fiber wallet

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Frequently Asked Questions

Holds up to 8 cards. Snug fit. Also comes with a stainless steel money clip that can hold up to 20 bills. 
Carbon fiber is 5x more durable than steel, but also very lightweight. Although carbon fiber is lighter than steel, it's even stronger, making it supreme for manufacturing. 
Easier than 99% of wallets on the market. We created The SMRTwallet for one purpose: we realized that wallets nowadays are bulky, inconvenient, and take up unnecessary space. Usually, heavy wallets are carried in the back pocket, and that can cause a lot of damage to your spine. This is why we decided to create a wallet that is light, convenient and unobtrusive that you can carry anywhere without harming your spine.

RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) blocking stops devices from scanning your cards and personal information. RFID wallets block RFID signals using electromagnetic enclosure technology called a Faraday Cage. While the cards are in your wallet, your information is safe from theft. 

Yes. All though it may not seem like it, your cards are extremely vulnerable in everyday life. Your information can easily be scanned and taken. The SMRTwallet prevents that from happening with high-grade metal plates that block RFID.  This makes it absolutely impossible for someone to steal your information.

Yes, as soon as we ship your order we will email you the tracking number and other shipping information within 24 hours! 


carbon fiber wallet