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Carbon Fiber wallet | SMRTwallet
Carbon Fiber Wallet

Forged With Real Military-Grade Carbon Fiber

Engineered with the lightest top-grade materials available today. These strong lightweight materials serve as the backbone of the wallet, all while keeping your cards and money tightly secured.

Lever Mechanism

This smart carbon fiber wallet is equipped with a functional lever that rapidly exposes all cards when ready for payment, with a touch of your thumb. In addition, this carbon fiber wallet is equipped with a traditional stainless steel money clip that is ideal for carrying cash or business cards.

Carbon Fiber Wallet | SMRTwallet
Slim Carbon Fiber Wallet

Slimmer, Way Slimmer

It’s time to get rid of your bulky wallet. This unique carbon fiber wallet is created with a focus on design and functionality – a wallet that’s minimalist without being limiting — so that you can carry more and without having a bulky wallet.

It's Time To Upgrade.